The Journey so far…

So it’s day three…Ever felt like you are going round and round in circles? Well you are not alone. It’s been worthwhile though since every new day I get to encounter more challenges/tasks. Today was no exception. To begin with, my computer just decided to go off and refused to work for a while,but such is life…you get over it and do your due diligence.

Well, I have been working on test driven development since I revived my machine and it wasn’t easy. I had some problems starting as all my initial attempts at setting things failed. Well I followed the instructions on the home study resources, I was able to run my first test. The other challenges I encountered were also stressful but I have decided not to dwell on the parts that weigh me down.

Well so far I feel like a major backlog and I have to b end over backwards and make sure I finish my tasks. Quitting is no option. I have started working on my flask app by going through the documentation. Everything is installed and ready to launch.

My fingers are itching and psyched up about finishing this challenge. The day is still young and am determined to clear my tasks.

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