At Mouse we work to connect thousands of young innovators to authentic tools and environments as they build their technical skills and develop purposeful ideas through the creative computing and CS projects on our learning platform, Mouse Create.

Students remixing JavaScript at the Mouse Makerspace in November 2018.

For the past year, we have playtested Glitch at our Mouse Makerspace events coding random generators, JavaScript chatbots and choose-your-own adventure sites with our students. We’ve built interactive tools for our game design course including a DIY Space Invaders game. Our staff have geeked out with APIs to create an app that play albums on Spotify when you take a photo of the record cover and an app to add food emoji to a shared digital refrigerator. We’ve seen youth present projects they designed with Glitch at our annual city-wide Emoti-Con event.

February 2018 Newsletter

Powering Good

“You would think technologies like this exist, but they do not. It is up to us young people to try to understand the problem and invent a way that could help them — this is what we do at Mouse.”

— Rafia, a NYC high school senior and Mouse Design League member, sharing why she creates technology with a purpose to improve the lives of others. Read more Mouse Stories >

Design League Invents a Better World

January 2018 Newsletter

Mouse Changes Lives

Meet Carlos! A Mouse alum whose meaningful story we’re honored to share. Why Mouse matters to him: “Mouse changes young people’s lives by allowing their creativity and ability to believe in themselves reach unthinkable levels.”

Carlos is currently studying Accounting at New York Institute of Technology. He shared that “Mouse brought out a part of me that I didn’t know existed.” Read more Mouse Alum stories >

Designing Games for Social Good​

Young people across the country are learning to analyze global, social, and political issues through video games in our Mouse Serious Games Course.

November 2017 Mouse Newsletter

Mouse Design League Satellite in the Bronx

Mouse Design League is our youth design and technology program in which NYC high school students create technologies that make a positive impact on the lives of others.

With a generous grant from the National Science Foundation, we are thrilled to launch our first satellite Design League in the Bronx with DreamYard this fall. Meet our new Design League in NYC and the Bronx. >

New Grants from Chevron and Con Edison

Now more than ever, every young person should have the tools and experiences that prepare them as creative problem solvers for the digital age. To most powerfully help them create the future they envision, Mouse and Code/Interactive announce plans to merge, subject to regulatory approval.

Together, we will open opportunities for all youth to engage with creative technology and computer science to make meaningful change in our world. We’ll also expand our reach and deepen our impact for many more young people and those who teach them, especially in underserved communities across the country. Read more here.

We are honored…

September 2017 Mouse Newsletter

Mouse Featured on Upworthy

Huge thanks to Upworthy and State Farm for highlighting Mouse and our alums in their series featuring organizations making a difference through technology.

Watch video >

Announcing New Courses on Mouse Create

June 2017 Mouse Newsletter

“Mouse gives young people agency and the feeling that they then can make it happen. Once you think about using technology for a purpose, it becomes integral to who you are.” — Ioana

Mouse alum and staff member Ioana shares how Mouse gives young people the opportunity to create, invent, and make a positive impact on the lives of others. Read more >

IBM Awards 100K+ In-Kind Services Grant to Mouse

Marc Lesser (Senior Director, Learning Design at Mouse) is a leader in the national movement recommending portfolios and badges as complementary means to assess learner achievement. (For a sense of his thinking, read his “Improving the Way Education Supports Learner Identity: Digital Badges & The Information Age”). He represents Mouse in the Mozilla-led Open Badges Initiative as well as in related fora such as the #K12BadgeChat twitter conversation. He has worked especially closely with the Parsons School of Design, which has endorsed Mouse-issued badges, and with Credly, with whom Mouse has contracted for digital badging architecture on our Mouse Create

YInMn Blue

Chemistry and painting have always gone hand in hand. We should recall and highlight the importance of that relationship, as we bring the “A” for art into “STEM” (science, technology, engineering, math) to yield “STEAM.”

Latest case in point:

In 2009, chemists at Oregon State University accidentally discovered “YInMn Blue” (for yttrium, indium, manganese), while researching the electrical properties of manganese oxides.

The resulting blue pigment, nearly perfect in spectral terms and with sought-after near-infrared qualities, became available to artists in 2016.

Meanwhile, industry will also use the compound. For instance, AMD will use YInMn Blue on its new graphic…

“With Mouse, we are involved in determining the problem to solve and designing the solution, which is what you really need in the real world.”
— A Mouse Design League Member, 2017
— — — — — — — — — — — — — —

“Solve for X.”

But what if “X” is not the most relevant challenge confronting your community?

(Eyes glaze, minds wander).

And what if the “standard methods” for solving such challenges are not ones your community finds most effective or best attuned to the community’s needs?

(Ears close, more minds drift, for want of the…


National youth development nonprofit that empowers all students&educators to engage w. creative tech&CompSci to solve real problems and make meaningful change

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