It seemed like a perfect alignment of the stars

…but I guess it wasn’t after all.

This has always been my favorite picture from the 2016 campaign.

I’ve always thought of Hillary’s campaign launch as the day…well, the day she announced it via a video on Facebook. That day was April 12, 2015.

As I am listening to Hillary Clinton’s book — I apparently never realized before that Hillary had her “campaign launch” rally on Roosevelt Island on June 13, 2015.

When I was driving home on June 6, 2016, the AP announced that Hillary was the presumptive presidential nominee, which was a day before the California primary. This was also the same day as her rally at Long Beach City College.

These all seem like simple facts, right? Probably confused as to why I am writing about them. Well, they all have a weird trend to them.

First, some background —

I grew up during the Clinton administration. I was in Kindergarten during the 1992 election and in my first year of high school during the 2000 election. I still remember watching TV during the 1996 election night and then again in 2000 (where I was super confused as to why Al Gore hadn’t won). I learned about the impeachment process — literally during Bill Clinton’s impeachment. There was also a point in my life, where I didn’t really understand Hillary. It was during the Monica Lewinsky “scandal”. I was young and my parents were divorced and my mom had ingrained in me to never tolerate cheating in a relationship. Yet, I could tell my mom was bothered by it — she never spoke out about it or condemned it. I don’t remember when but at some point, while they were still in the White House I had decided — I “get it” and around the same time, I had come to the conclusion that one day Hillary would be the first female President. I don’t remember specifically knowing why I had thought this — I just remember that I did.

Politics was a weird thing for me growing up. While, I am 99% sure my mom is a Democrat (given that I since learned she was an Obama supporter) — we didn’t discuss it. I once asked my mom right after she had voted during a primary election about the whole process, etc — and she explained the different parties to me, etc. And I had asked “are you a Democrat or a Republican?” and her response was “That’s not something you are supposed to ask people, if they choose to tell you — that’s okay, but don’t ask”. She never told me and I never asked again.

I didn’t register to vote until I was 22 years old, in 2008. I hadn’t done so because I refused to register to vote until a woman (which I knew would be Hillary) ran for President. While, Obama won the party’s nomination — I still held true to what I had said and registered just in time for the 2008 California primary.

Now, why do I mention April 12, June 13 and June 6?

First, April 12, 2015 was my 29th birthday, which is my I remember it so vividly.

Second, she gave the June 13th speech on Roosevelt Island — where I had lived for a year back in college. Seems minor — but Roosevelt Island isn’t your ordinary place. You can stand in the middle of the island and literally see water on both sides, it’s ­that small. Most people don’t even know it exists — let alone have actually lived there before.

Lastly, June 6, 2016 — I literally had tears in my eyes when I saw the push notifications pop up that the AP had announced Hillary’s nomination. Little did I know, I was literally 3 MILES from her rally at that very moment, where she was at. The LBCC was announced quietly, so I wasn’t even aware of it until I got home and turned on the TV. My home — that was 5 MILES from this rally.

It seemed like a perfect alignment of the stars — but I guess it wasn’t after all….
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