If you were a child in 90s, hell if you were ever a child at all, you were fucking obsessed with Disney princesses. Theyre beautiful. Theyre rich. Theyre in love. Some of them are kinda smart. Everything young betches dream of growing up to be. But that was like, 20 years ago. What tf are all these princesses doing now? If I had to guess, theyre probs drunk fighting at a charity auction or dinner party, a lot like the Real Housewives. I feel like Snow White would be a total lush these days.

Instead of you spending hours trying to decipher which princess grew up to be which wife, weve done it for you. They even have their own taglines. Youre welcome.

Cinderella aka Nene Leakes

Why: While Cinderella was at her stepmoms house doing a shit ton of chores, Nene was on the pole, stripping for a dollar. Sure, it started out a little rough but look at them now. Nenes starred in a handful of TV and Broadway shows, and Cinderella is hands down the most famous of all the princesses. Started from the bottom, now were here.

Tagline: Whoever said diamonds were a girl’s best friend never owned a pair of glass Louboutins.

Snow White aka Erika Jayne

Why: A lot like Erika Jayne, Snow White doesnt go anywhere without her squad. The dwarves may spend their days mining and tidying the house, but by night, theyre a full-on glam team that helps keep Snow looking fierce. If Erika Jayne will fly her posse of stylists and makeup artists to Dubai for a girls trip, you can bet Snow, an heiress to the thrown for Christs sake, would do the same.

Tagline: I’ll eat apples, but I prefer Champagne.

Belle aka Heather Dubrow

Why: Heathers castmates constantly make fun of her for being fancy pants, which in OC terms means you have class. Belle goes through the same thing in her hometown, where all the locals think shes a fucking weirdo because she likes books and wants to build The Belle Center For Kids Who Can’t Read Good And Wanna Learn To Do Other Stuff Good Too. Both Belle and Heather are also fans of diamonds in the rough when it comes to men. Belles bf was a hairy beast when they first met, but after a few weeks with Belle, he turned into a really hot prince. Terry Dubrow, on the other hand, was probs a total nerd, but now hes like, the worlds richest plastic surgeon. And Belle and Heather look exactly alike. This one was easy af.

Tagline: They say behind every good man there’s a great woman. Behind a great man there’s me.

Jasmine aka Lisa Vanderpump

Why: Out of all the princesses Jasmine seems the richest. Probs because shes a Middle Eastern princess and that oil money is no fucking joke. Why does this make her like Lisa Vanderpump? Because LVP has more money than God and Donald Trump combined, thats why. Jasmine also has a pet tiger, and with all of Lisas swans and miniature horses and shit, its only a matter of time before a deadly, endangered cat is added to the mix.

Tagline: Pet tigers and magic carpet rides might seem extravagant, but that’s just me living my truth.

Ariel aka Tamra Judge

Why: In the past couple seasons, Tamra has gotten annoying AF about health and exercise. She opened a gym, wont shut up about working out and even competes in fitness contests. Lol, k. While Ariel hasnt hit the competition circuit quite yet, she does insist on wearing a bathing suit all fucking day to show off her perfect bod. Shes the princess you dont wanna eat pizza around.

Tagline: If you think my life is easy, try swimming a mile in my shell bikini.

Pocahontas aka Bethenny Frankel

Why: Both Pocahontas and Bethenny are boss-ass bitches who know how to get what they want. If Bethenny thinks youre being a hoe and wants to let you know about it in the Berkshires, shell do it. If Pocahontas wants to hook up with a English dude even though his friends are trying to kill her family and her dad said not to, shell do it. Plus, they both have huge boobs for how skinny they are. Lucky betches.

Tagline: Paint me in whatever light you want. Ill just keep painting with all the colors of the wind.

Aurora aka Melissa Gorga

Why: This season, Melissa decided she wanted to open a clothing boutique despite the fact that she has no design and/or business experience whatsoever. #HousewivesProbs. Aurora tried to do the same thing once but ended up pricking her finger on a spindle because she didnt know how to use it. She was so embarrassed, she blamed the whole thing on Maleficent and played the damsel card so her fuckboy would finally commit. Speaking of fuckboys. Sounds a lot like Melissas husband, Joe.

Tagline: I used to sleep through life. Now Im living the dream.

Mulan aka Teresa Giudice

Why: Back in the day, it was illegal for women in China to fight for their country. Seems archaic and stupid, but it was the law. A law Mulan broke and got caught for. Same shit happened to Teresa. The big difference is Mulan ended up getting pardoned because she saved the entire country from Shan Yu and the Huns, while Teresa ended up doing hard time. Either way, they both brought dishonor to the family.

Tagline: If an avalanche cant take me down, what makes you think you can?

Rapunzel aka Kyle Richards

Why: The hair. There is no other reason because no other reason is needed.

Tagline: If you’re jealous of my castle, just wait till you see my hair.

Tiana aka Kandi Burruss

Why: In a world of housewives who think they have vocal talent, Kandi is actually a really amazing singer and songwriter. All the princesses are pretty good. Its part of the job. But Tiana wipes the floor with all of them when it comes to carrying a tune. Sorry, Cinderella. Kandi and Tiana also seem to be in semi-healthy relationships. Unlike some of her fellow princesses, Tiana took the time to get to know and fall in love with Naveen before, ya know, committing her whole fucking life to him. Kandi and her bae, Todd, seem pretty normal by Bravo standards.

Tagline: I was a girl then I was a frog and now Im a princess. What Ill be next is anybodys guess.

Elsa aka Carole Radziwill

Why: We call them all Disney princesses, but thats not 100% true because Elsa isnt a princess. Shes a fucking snow queen. Carole can relate because shes not just rich and successful like her fellow wives. Her late husband was a Polish prince and nephew to JFK and Jackie, so like, kind of a BFD. Carole is the closest thing to monarchy New York has (sorry, Anna Wintour. Youre not royalty) and Manhattan is cold af.

Tagline: Some people will tell you I’m a cold-hearted bitch. You should listen.

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