So I’ve spent a lot of time in the hospital in the last 6 months..
Emily Lindstrom

Ah! This is one of the BIGGEST problems I have with the measurement of BMI (this and it was never meant to judge the health of an individual, it’s a fucking tool for statistics). That just looking at someones weight/height tells you NOTHING about their fat content vs muscle mass (and you’d THINK that since fat is soooo ~dangerous~ and muscle is considered super healthy, they’d care to discern that :/).

I’ve always been heavy for my size, to the point where while at a “healthy” weight for my size, I’m hollow-cheeked and have constantly visible ribs. My calves are almost solid muscle from walking everywhere in hilly northwest PA.

BMI is such a useless tool for determining anything about someone’s health and I HATE how much it is pushed as a way to determine if we “need” to lose weight…

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