5 car accidents later she became the Tony Robbins of Yoga

Interview on a Paddleboard in Dubai Mall Lake with Dashama How passion can turn a devastating accident to a global Yoga success During X Yoga Dubai we conducted the interview on a paddleboard in the Dubai Mall lake right before the fountain goes off, now lets talk passion that takes you everywhere! Dashama is considered to be the Tony Robbins of yoga with over 15 Million views on YouTube and is featured regularly on Oprah.com; however this only came after 5 car accidents one of which damaged her spine. It was then she discovered passion for Yoga and turned a devastating accident to such a global success that she even led a meditation at the UN headquarters earlier this year. She says: “Passion is everything” and shares her three tips to always find passion: Find your purpose and know why you are alive Connect with nature Movement, of which best form is Yoga This is one of the most unique interview settings ever, so a big passionate thanks to our friends at X Dubai.


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