Build an “External Brain” to free your mind

Productivity Guru David Allen reveals the Art of Stress-Free Productivity/

If you are trying to find a perfect thing to do you will never do anything, passion is not one thing to commit to for the rest of your life.

David Allen is the world’s leading productivity guru and the creator of the Getting Things Done methodology: the Art of Stress-Free Productivity; in this episode he reveals best practice tips to Living passionately which requires creating internal space in your head and external space around you, that’s what is described as the “External Brain”.

The processes to free your mind requires you to pay attention to what has your attention, and then ask what do you need to do to get that off your mind. David outlines the GTD process as followed: capture things that have your attention, clarifying exactly what it means, parking results in a trusted place and stepping back and being able to see the larger picture on regular bases.

Live Passionately

Moustafa Hamwi