Interview with Raha Moharrak

Can Passion Help You Conquer The Highest Mountains?

The first Saudi woman to climb Everest Raha Moharrak says passion can help you do things that few people would even have the courage to dream of.

Does passion play a role in doing incredible things? Of course it does. When you do what you love, you enjoy life and succeed irrespective of the difficulties you have in your way.

Raha Moharrak is the first woman from Saudi Arabia who climbed Mount Everest. Though her passion involved literally climbing mountains, the cultural background was her biggest obstacle.

However, passion helped her overcome all the challenges and stand on the top of the world.

“In order for you to survive you need to be able to evolve and change.” Raha says. Driven by her immense passion, she managed to make her family accept her calling, break the cultural stigma, and conquer the highest peak on Earth.

She explains that when you fall in love with the process — the sky is the limit! Passion can be the catalyst that keeps you going.

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