Interview with Colin Rhys from Hyperloop One

Here’s How Passion Works To Reinvent Transport

The Creative Director of Hyperloop One Colin Rhys says thinking of the difference you’ll make for people helps you push through when you get stuck

What’s passion’s role in creating unprecedented experiences? Actually, it’s the drive that helps one focus on the outcome and how it will improve people’s lifestyle.

Colin Rhys is the Creative Director of Hyperloop One, the company that reinvents transport by introducing the fifth mode of transport. The team works hard to redefine the passenger experience and create ‘something that’s never existed before’.

‘My biggest dream was to be part of something greater than myself. ‘ He always sought to create unique experiences and his passion manifested in different ways.

Colin says he is very passionate about impacting a large group of people. When times get tough, he thinks how drastically reducing the time spent commuting will help.

‘What I’m working on now will service the 100%.’ Colin wants to support people from all around the world to spend more quality time with their families instead of moving from one place to another.

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