Interview with Bahaa Moussalli

Longing for Extraordinary Business Success? Here’s How Passion And Teamwork Will Help

The Co-Founder of MENA’s fastest-growing media company Bahaa Moussalli explains how having a passionate team can take your business to the next level.

Does teamwork make the passion work? Actually, having a team is essential if you aim high in business.

Bahaa Moussalli is the co-founder of the fastest-growing media company in MENA. Early on, he met friends who shared his interests. They got led by passion and managed to develop four successful online and offline brands.

All the business partners are on the same page. “We know the core of who we are. We know the core of the company, the mission, and the vision.”

Bahaa thinks that it’s mandatory to trust your passion tribe and to identify your role accordingly. When the members share a strong relationship, they help each other and the business thrives.

“You can never achieve something huge without a team.” Bahaa believes that if you aim for the stars, you need a group of passionate people on your side.

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Live Passionately

Moustafa Hamwi
Passionpreneur & Chief Energy Officer
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