Interview with Virginia Salas Kastilio

Passion Turned Her Into A Top Snapchat Influencer

Leading Snapchat Influencer and business owner Virginia Salas Kastilio says passion and persistence will eventually convert if you love what you do and you just keep trying.

What’s passion’s role when you’re facing failure and bankruptcy? Actually, it will help you stay persistent and find a way to fulfill your dreams.

Virginia Salas Kastilio is a major Snapchat influencer. She converted her passion for video content creation into a successful media company.

She always knew what she wanted to do, but her financial resources were scarce and she didn’t have any support. Though she experienced bankruptcy and failure, she never stopped.

Passion and persistence go in one word. You have to keep at it.” Now she is thankful for the journey as it helped her grow.

Virginia found hope in her passion and continued to improve her skills. “Passion is your inner drive, your fire towards something that gives you meaning, something that gives you purpose.” She explains how it energized her to tirelessly keep on trying over and over again.

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