Interview with MJ Jenkins “Think No Pink”

Think No Pink — Passion for Moving Beyond Surviving Cancer

Best-Selling Author MJ Jenkins is Passionate About Helping Women Live Strong

In this inspiring interview, best-selling author MJ Jenkins shares her passion for helping women with breast cancer move beyond surviving to strong, healthy living.

MJ’s book, Think “No Pink”: Your BFF Guide to Breast Cancer, is a friendly, supportive guide for women caught in the confusion and turmoil of breast cancer.

When MJ got her own diagnosis of invasive ductal carcinoma in 2012, she realized her young children needed her to pull through — and not just survive, but thrive!

Feeling lost and bewildered with the “sea of information” out there, MJ’s experience motivated her to support women to avoid the mistakes she made. She wants to help them navigate their options — for example, seeking early screening and making healthy food and lifestyle choices.

Today, MJ is four years cancer-free, and she travels the world sharing this message of hope and empowerment.

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