Interview with Philip Hesketh

Your passion is worthless if you cannot influence people with it.

World’s leading persuasion expert Phil Hesketh reveals secrets to get people to support your passion

Successful people are driven to succeed because they’ve found something they feel passionate about. But all the passion in the world doesn’t mean much if you can’t influence people with it.

Phil Hesketh is a leading expert on influence and persuasion. He says that while it’s difficult to persuade people to do things, if you can tap into their passions, motivation becomes a lot easier.

“When people discover what they’re good at and like doing,” says Phil, “they’ll be passionate and motivated.”

So how can you use your passion to influence others? First, ask what’s most important about something close to them — a job, relationship, or some other passion? Next, ask what their expectations are about that thing?

You are most influential when you get people to look at these questions.

“People often people say I inspired them to action,” says Phil. “But they usually wanted to do the inspired thing anyway.” In other words, passion is infectious!

Watch today’s episode to learn how to influence people with your passion, and don’t forget to share it around and spread the passion.

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