I’m deleting Snapchat, and you should too
katie zhu

I agree. I’m tired of white people trying to tell people of color what they can get offended and angry over. I do think that you can’t just hire people of color to fill a diversity quota. It makes for a really demeaning workplace when people think oh you were hired or accepted because of your skin color to make the company feel inclusive. Having many races in a place of work or school is pointless if interaction between different races is not fostered and seen as a priority. If you want to make a filter about different cultures why not have a design team filled with multi-cultural people that will be able to tell you what is appropriate and celebratory of whatever culture is in question and what is offensive and demeaning. That’s the only reason that I’m studying a STEM field. I want to start/work in startups and help the organization gain new insights by fostering cross-cultural interactions. With our increased globalization, we need to step out of our bubbles; companies need to understand that diversity in the workplace is something so valuable that you can’t put a price tag on it.