White Girls Do It Better?
Etienne Rodriguez

I get what you’re saying. The beauty industry prizes high cheek bones, skinny noses and other features indicative of european descent. Amber heard having the prettiest face (I’m pretty sure they were just trying to keep her relevant)? Who were the other people in the running, and what credentials do these scientists have? Does having a skinny nose make one more equipped to survive thus, according to science, making someone with a skinny nose more attractive? I think the problem with your article that people are having is you can’t fault someone who prefers white women as opposed to dark skin women. That does not make them racist unless they start saying dark skin women look like monkeys or other unnecessary things. You can’t get mad at someone for saying they like bananas and not grapes as long as they don’t start saying bananas are like the fruit from satan or something mean and clearly untrue. The google search is really disheartening because a lot of people don’t even give dark skin women a glance which is what I think is hurting darker skinned women. A lot of people just won’t date a dark skin woman because they are portrayed in the media which is unfair, and I think that disparity is what you are getting at. How can you know that you like bananas better than grapes if you have never tried both fruits? Same thing, how can you know you like light skin women better than dark skin women if you’ve never bothered to have a conversation with anyone other than a light skinned woman? How can you then use your one experience with a light skin woman and a dark skin woman tomake generalizations about all of the light and dark skin women? Because beauty is so subjective, we have to teach all girls to understand that they are beautiful regardless if some random at a magazine company thinks so or not. Not everyone will like them, because that is a fact of life, but someone not liking you does not take away the beauty that every girl possesses. Sorry for the long response :)