An Open Letter to Seton Hall University From A Black Alumnus: Keep Your Award
Darnell L. Moore

I think it’s interesting that you chose to go to a Catholic University even though your values are almost the antithesis of Seton Hall’s. I think more people should put themselves in situations in which their ideas/beliefs are challenged. It makes people more open minded, resourceful, tactful, and tenacious. However, whoever the University gifts an award to represents what the University stands for. Obviously, you know that the Catholic University does not support the pro-choice stance and other things you hold dearly. I think having you on the panel and inviting you to participate was a way of them showing that they are tolerant to others with different ideas; but to give you an award would basically be applauding abortions and other things that they don’t stand for which would adversely affect the student body that also pays tuition to attend a school that aligns with their morals. Was it right to rescind your award? No, but they weren’t unwilling to welcome anyone of differing perspectives because you were welcomed to speak and share your views.