They weren’t Muslims. But, my dear, they were.
Hamza Malik

Very interesting read, in a comment below you pointed out the fact that the bible in Leviticus says to stone gay people. Leviticus is part of the old testament. In the new testament (which is what defines christianity) Jesus says Romans 7:6, “Now we are released from the law, having died to that which held us captive, so that we serve in the new way of the Spirit and not in the old way of the written code.”. Which basically means, Christians are released from the dietary restrictions and codes of punishments from the Old Testament which renders it almost obsolete. It would be easy to get rid of it and just keep the new testament, but that would be like Americans erasing all traces from slavery from its textbooks because we don’t practice it as an institution anymore. You can’t erase your “dirty” past, which is what I think separates Muslims and Christians because those Hadiths on Jihad are still very much apart of the whole qur’an as it should be practiced. Like you pointed out, even at the beginning of Islam the killing of muslims by muslims were present. However, Christians did not start out killing Christians, it was the Jews and the Romans that killed them. However, the stoning of gays and all the laws from the old testaments, as said by Jesus, do not apply to Christians anymore, so saying that the Bible says to stone gays is true because that’s how the law was back in those times, but Jesus has rendered those laws obsolete, and Christians do not have to follow those laws; that’s why we don’t have the dietary restrictions that Jews have and we can get divorced if the situation permits. I don’t think many people bother to read past the Old testament laws and miss the New testament which is what forms the foundation of Christianity.