Firm in my intentions, flexible in my actions.

Normally, when I’m at home, I start my day by walking down here to do what I refer to as longevity practice.

At 0600, on this particular Saturday morning, I was surprised to find this at my regular spot.

At first glance, I froze because my normal routine was being disturbed. I’m accustomed to a certain environment and now that wasn’t available, so what do I do? This example is on a small scale with next to nothing at stake, but it brings up a good point. When presented with an unknown variable, how easily do I adapt? Will I cease what I’m doing because the activity can’t be carried out exactly how I’ve structured or planned it in the past? Will I come up with solutions or throw in the towel?

I found my way around the beaten path, but arrived at a similar destination. A change of venue brought a different stimulus, new thoughts and feelings. It wasn’t better or worse, but it wasn’t the same, which was good. I appreciated the adventure and looked on it as an opportunity to learn something new, rather than an inconvenience to my regularly scheduled broadcast. Can I be firm in my intentions and flexible in my actions? Maybe this idea is at the heart of longevity practice.