BYD welcomes developers to co-create a more personalized driving experience through open data

Sep 11, 2018 · 2 min read

On Wednesday, BYD Auto’s D++ Worldwide developer conference in Shangri -La Hotel Shenzhen was a very successful event, we met so many influencers in electrification and digitalisation in the car industry.

All of the speakers were personage in their own area of specialty, and they are all contributing to building a more personalized driving experience for the future BYD car owners.

From reserving parking in advance to listening to audiobooks while you drive, they have it all covered.

Our co-founder XT were there to talk about how Moveco allows users to earn rewards simply by driving and sharing their data. Moveco rewards users with discounts and cash coupons in exchange for their driving related data. The more one drives the more reward one can receive! It’s super simple! The data collected will contribute to develop a smarter and safer city for everyone.

We are very impressed by BYD’s efforts to open up connected car data and look forward to the future of how using the data safely will allow for a better experience and improved automation for the BYD car owners.

We thank BYD for their hospitality during the event and giving us the opportunity to speak at the event and more importantly learn about what others in the industry are doing to innovate!

Moveco is a mobility ecosystem that rewards you for your mileage. Find out more about us at or read out whitepaper at

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