If We Put The Care Of Our Bodies First, We Would Experience A Revolution

For several years, this idea has been weaving through my thoughts.

If we made the care of our bodies our primary focus, the foundation of our daily existence, we would ignite a revolution.

By care I do not mean adhering faithfully to the formulas of fitness culture, flattening your abs, toning your arms, running marathons, getting your ass kicked amidst loud music and yelling instructors, feeling sore for two days following.

To care for your body means to meet your body where it is, as it is, in this very moment, to pay attention, to see what is needed and then to take loving action to meet that need. Care requires a mindset that is flexible, curious and filled with reverent awe.

At its simplest, care means being able to distinguish if the sluggishness you feel is because you are getting sick and need to rest or because you’ve been inside in one position all day and need to get outside to move or because you ate something that zaps your energy and need to make a different choice next time or because of something else entirely.

Care means learning about yourself, it means seeing what you need in this moment and taking action to meet this need. Care is not about pushing or punishing or doing what you think you are supposed to do.

If we put the care of our bodies first, we would experience a revolution.

We would not tolerate long work days in front computer screens, because we would feel the tension this creates, the physical pains it produces.

If we put the care of our bodies first, we would not value ambition, achievement and financial success above clean water and air, above the rights and dignities of our fellow human beings. We would understand ourselves as part of an intricate ecosystem.

If we put the care of our bodies first, we would know the right thing to do by drawing our attention to our bellies. What’s going on in there? We would listen to our hearts. Are they beating steady and deep or rapid and shallow? We would feel our breath. We would know the language of our bodies and trust it as more reliable than the overgrown ideologies running wild in our minds.

If we put the care of our bodies first…

What do you think?