Movement Research Fall Festival 2019: ComeUnion

Jan 14 · 4 min read

Video highlights from performances as a part of the Movement Research Festival Fall 2019. Additional information can be found here.

ComeUnion is an invitation to explore the intersectionality of somatic practices and social justice, community building and care, and trauma informed frameworks for pedagogy and performance. We have invited artists, somatic practitioners, activists, and healers whose practices are led by deep inquiries into these matters. Come join us in this exploration and celebration of the somatics of subversion, the embodiment of resistance, and the poetics of revolution.

Curators: Marielys Burgos Meléndez, Jaime Ortega, iele paloumpis

A year in the making…During the Fall 2018 Movement Research Festival, iele paloumpis and Jaime Ortega together curated an evening of performance at Danspace Project. This initiated an investigation into shared interests in somatic practice and social justice, which they then continued during a Winter MELT 2019 Workshop focusing on how we navigate individual and group needs through the experience of the inner body in the context of the collective whole. In late spring of 2019, Marielys Burgos Meléndez joined Jaime and iele in this investigation, and together they have curated a space for research and appreciation of somatic and trauma-informed frameworks, and their capacity to heal the individual and our communities at large.

December 5 // Evening at Danspace

Performed by Jerron Herman
Music: Come Ye Disconsolate by Roberta Flack & Donny Hathaway (Muted for copyright reasons)

Videography: The Fleet NYC LLC

What did they actually see? (Work-in-progress)
Solo with musical accompaniment and audio of colonial texts
Gracias to everybody at Movement Research, Leslie-Lohman Museum, Danspace Project, and Recess.

Videography: The Fleet NYC LLC

Winter of Your Dreams
Credits: music, choreography, costume, and performance by stevie may
Winter of Your Dreams is a container and a working title for the research in which I am currently immersed. The biggest thank you is to you all for being here for each other. This is how winter gets dreamy, when we all come out and get together. There are those of us who burn bright in the cold and who hold the darkness in high regard and enjoy the depth it brings. If winter is hard for you, find one of us — we’re around. Come out to sing karaoke especially if you are bad at it and pass the mic as much as possible. Sing and dance together, and then continue singing and dancing in your kitchen. Make your roommates sing and dance with you. Make it a point to learn what that one song is that they can’t not sing along to, and have it on hand, ready for whenever. Dance while you’re sitting down, dance with your breath and with your face while you’re riding on the bus down your street. Find loud children and take note of what they’re doing. It is probably exactly what is needed. Get into reverberating spaces if you can, stop if you happen upon one underneath a bridge, in the subway station (always swipe it forward + fuck the nypd), wherever. Listen to the sound, join your voice. Make pleasure a priority at every scale, and make it available for sharing. Sometimes people need encouragement and sometimes people need to be left alone. Respect what they need and always keep bread on the table, greens on the stove, sweet potatoes in the oven for when they emerge. Love you all forever, bless bless bless.

Videography: The Fleet NYC LLC

December 6 // Evening at Danspace

small things dying under a clear blue sky
Concept, design and composition by Dustin Maxwell
Music by Aaron Rourk
Costume construction by Tom Madulak
Performance by Emily Climer, Kayva Yang, Rachel Freeburg and Dustin Maxwell

Videography: The Fleet NYC LLC

ADTO TA (Yuta, Tubig, Sunog, Hangin, Eter)
Somatic movement meditation by KK de La Vida aka dreampr00fx
Performed with Raffy Bunal from Stay Wild Moon Child
Live instrumental & remixed track by Rose Generoso of Walang Hiya NYC
Rhythm transmission from Jacob Walse-Dominguez of Sining Kapuluan

Videography: The Fleet NYC LLC

Nourishment pt.1
By Grace Osborne
Text written by Grace Osborne
I give thanks to our ancestors and everything that has made it possible for us to gather at this time in this place. Thank You to Edisa Weeks who has given me inspiration and guidance towards creating this offering. Thank You iele for your invitation and support through this process.

Videography: The Fleet NYC LLC

December 7 // Evening at Danspace

Choreographer and performer: Christopher “Unpezverde” Núñez
Costumes: Christopher “Unpezverde” Núñez, Branden Charles Wallace
Props: Christopher “Unpezverde” Núñez
Thanks to Battery Dance Studios and Jonathan Hollander for providing space and mentorship throughout the creative process of YO OBSOLETE. Thanks to the Movement Research Fall Festival curators Marielys, iele and Jaime for this invitation and Movement Research staff for their support.

Videography: The Fleet NYC LLC

The world will never be the same (working title)
From the series Elephant: Modal Dances in the time of Trump.
Choreography, Performance, Video, Song: Merián Soto
Costume: Christine Darch
Merián Soto’s Mentee and Research Assistant: Prudence Anne Amsden

Videography: The Fleet NYC LLC

About Movement Research’s Festivals:

Movement Research Festivals, curated by a team of artists, explore contemporary dance forms through performances, classes, workshops, and discursive events. MR Festivals allow for a varied investigation and exploration into current artistic concerns and reflect Movement Research’s mission of valuing artists, their creative process, and their vital role within society. The Fall Festival centers around performances at our long-time festival home, Danspace Project.

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