Movement Research Festival Fall 2016 | Wellness Resources

Mar 27, 2017 · 3 min read

Studies Project: Financial and Personal Wellness in Dance

November 30, 2016 | Studio G05 Abrons Arts Center
A panel discussion moderated by Kay Takeda, Director of Grants & Services at Lower Manhattan Cultural Council
Panelists: Aaron Mattocks, Juliana May, Katy Pyle, Antonio Ramos

Part of Movement Research Fall Festival 2016 curated by Carolyn Hall, Omagbitse Omagbemi, and Kayvon Pourazar.

Event Description: Since the development of the Dancers Compact from 1996 to 2002, multiple efforts have been undertaken in the field to better understand, support, and advocate for the needs of dance artists, and for the importance of self-care. This is an essential and ongoing issue for each dance artist and for the field as a whole. What are the approaches and practices that makers and dancers are developing to better sustain themselves and their collaborators, and what resources are out there for dance artists in NYC? Panelists Aaron Mattocks, Katy Pyle, Juliana May, and Antonio Ramos are each actively pursuing different ways to address these questions — and the audience was invited to contribute their own experiences, ideas, and practices to the mix.

Below is a list of resources that came out of this event.

Selected Resources and Research:

*Creativity Connects: Trends and Conditions Affecting US Artists (National Endowment for the Art & Center for Cultural Innovation, 2016)

*Creative New York (Center for an Urban Future, 2005, updated 2015)

*The View from Here: A report on the state of the performing arts from the perspective of artists (Brooklyn Commune, 2014)

*To Fail and Fail Big: A study of mid-career artists, success and failure (The Field, 2013)

*Investing in Creativity: A Study of the Support Structure for US Artists (Urban Institute, 2006)

State of NYC Dance and Workforce Demographics (DANCE NYC, 2016)

*Artist Revenue Streams: a multi-method, cross-genre examination of how US-based musicians’ revenue streams are changing, and why (Future of Music Coalition 2014)

*Crossover: How Artists are Building Careers Across Commercial, Nonprofit and Community Work (Ann Markusen, 2006)

Dance & Performance
CADA/West Fees & Rates Standards (Canadian Alliance of Dance Artists, West Chapter: CADA/West)

*The Dancers Forum Compact: For A Working Artistic Relationship Between Dancers and Choreographers (Dancers Forum + DTW, 2002)

*NPN Performance Residency Program: Standard Contract and Fee Structure

Composer Commissions Calculator (New Music Box)

*Commissioning Music: A Basic Guide (Meet the Composer, now New Music USA, 2009)

Visual Arts
W.A.G.E. Fee Calculator for visual artists working wit nonprofit institutions (Working Artists for the Greater Economy: W.A.G.E.)

*Making Your Life as an Artist (Andrew Simonet, Artists U, 2014)

*New York Affordable Healthcare Guide (The Actors Fund: Artists Healthcare & Insurance Resource Center, 2013)

*Making it Work: A Resource Guide for New York Artists (Dance Theater Workshop/New York Live Arts Live Core Artist Services, Original release 2009)

The Actors Fund
(The Dancers Resource)

Arthome (Asset Building through Financial Literacy)

Artspool (Cooperative Administration)

Creative Capital (Professional Development Program)

Dance NYC (Symposium)

The Field (Training programs)

Fourth Arts Block (Sustainable Artists Toolkit)

Gibney Dance (Dancers Economic Empowerment Program)

Lower Manhattan Cultural Council (Professional development for artists)

New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA Learning)

New York Live Arts (Live Core Artist Services)

Pentacle (Management, Administrative Services)

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