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This was a lengthy process for me. Though, the documentation for people trying to get past this stumbling block seems abundant. There’s not a concise chunk of code that helps you understand the issues of doing this.

That issue in a nutshell: Memory limits.

After a few days of trying to get large CSV data files imported to a Postgres database—I finally got it—with the help of Stack Overflow and my Slack homies in the Ruby on Rails Link group.

The ask:
…add CSV files, with the largest one being 1GB in size, to structured rows into PG db.


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Screenshot from

Do we really need another one of these?

Apparently, yes.

I know there’s a bunch of these “generator” type things on the intarwebz and they’ve been circulating since, like, Yahoo chat days, but I’ve yet to see one that looks nice and could be easily screen captured and shared via whatever your sharing thing is.

Also, I’ve had a few people ask me about Javascript es6 and how it’s different, so here’s to them.


Just want the source? Github:

Live site:

For folks new to Javascript, here’s how it works:


Realistically there’s not a reason for this to use Node server. But, I’m using Node because of a few reasons:

  1. NPM — it’s the best.

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Cool ecomm illustration via

A comparison of the cost, time, value and lifespan of building a small website with ecommerce functionality. This is based on shoestring budget that is probably not feasible in real life because, well, people have to eat and live indoors out of the elements. But, for the sake of example, we’ll use real platform costs and low, easy to understand developer costs.

This comparison includes time & cost of custom features, developers, designers, hosting, payment gateways, non-dev ease of use, updatability lifespan and ultimately the value.

Face-value costs

At the surface level, without factoring in time, developers, designers and other business costs…

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Quick answer: because it makes me happier.

Every year I hear lofty goals from friends & family—as well as the tons of folks on the internet that I don’t know that well—about what they are going do this year different than last year.

Almost every single one does exactly—not what they say. Some, do said thing for a bit and then give up. Some, do said thing for a bit, then change it up and keep doing it longer than the group that gave up.

The people I know that do not make lofty resolutions each Jan 1st actually do…

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because astronauts are cool…

I recently submitted a quick quote to Forbes along with 9 other digital design experts on this topic. I decided to elaborate on a couple of points that I also thought might be relevant, but too much for one quote.

1. More gradients and vivid colors

Let’s start with design aesthetics. Look & feel, in my opinion, are just as important as user-flow and information architecture.

A quick search on Dribbble for latest shows exactly what I’m talking about. The evolution of web/app flat design and designers getting better with a minimalist approach.

I’m currently working on a page builder with content editing similar to this amazing blog platform you’re reading this on. For us over at Adjust Creative so we can add case studies, blog posts, articles and product pages other content to our own website using Ruby on Rails & React.

One of the stumbling blocks I ran into is that the awesome Medium Editor Rails gem has capabilities to drag an image from your desktop and drop into the webpage. …

I don’t like it and I think based on the searches I did to validate my idea while writing this—the internet makers community agrees with me.

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people using VR taken from

1. A persons feelings drive their actions.

We rarely hear people say “I want to buy a guitar because I have money and extra time.”

Instead, we usually hear something more along the lines of, “I need this guitar because I can feel my soul speaking through it.”

The same is true with almost every other feeling we have and action we do.

I usually don’t buy random things or make new friends based on logic alone. Most of the time…

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Peruse — design industry news.

Over at Adjust Creative, we’ve been interested in the shared code library that React Native offers for a while now and we love pulling up our sleeves and digging into fresh technologies — especially if they can help us and our clients.

We decided to develop an app to understand the workflow of producing a product with the React Native framework.

The outcome of our design & prototype sprint is roughly 35 hours worth of a beautifully designed—single function application that let’s us (and you) browse headlines from our favorite design blogs. …

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What was your first phone?

My first daily or frequent use of a phone was a dirty-white colored rotary phone my parents had hanging in our kitchen. It had a dangly cord that would drape across the kitchen while my mom talked to her friends and cooked us food at the same time.

The food was delicious, btw. ;)

What was your first smartphone? Or, if you’re old enough, what was your first cell phone?

In my formative years, up to the age of twenty-one, I didn’t have or want a cell phone. …

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Being creative for a living is not the easiest thing in the world. Some professions are down right impossible unless you’re a visionary. In fact, some of my friends are very successful in various creative art industries and I’m always impressed or in awe of the things they can accomplish in difficult scenarios.

In my 16+ years doing design work for the interwebs, I’ve been lucky enough to land some pretty incredible gigs, work with the most talented people on big and small budgets & timelines. …

Christopher Smith

Chris has 16+ years of experience producing award winning work with design, music, programming and mentorship.

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