Download MovieBox And Stream Your Favorite Movies And TV Series, No Jailbreak

What Is MovieBox App?

MovieBox App is an application that allows watching movies from iPad and iPhones. It is compatible with the iOS 8.3 devices and older versions available without requiring jailbreaking the devices.

MovieBox iPhone App allows you to watch movies, music videos and TV shows in HD (High Definition) with amazing image quality. There’s the ability to both download or just stream and watch your choice media.

How to Download and Install It

In order to download the MovieBox iPhone App go to and download the site’s vShare app through its main download link. Simply click to choose the option that is useful for you, and then click download (you can choose between downloading Unjailbroken or Jailbroken — but you can choose Unjailbroken) and the downloader will start to stream the app to your device.

Once the download is complete, a pop-up will appear saying that would like to install “vShare”. Click to install and the vShare application will start. Don’t forget to also hit trust.

Once you’ve trusted the app, open it and make a search at the vShare search bar and look for MovieBox iPhone App. Then it will be displayed as a result and then you can just click to install it. The download file size is of about 7.79 MB and in a 3G or 4G connected device it should be really quickly. After the download is finished the vShare app will prompt you that would like to install the app. You simply click install and the app icon will appear at your device’s screen as a clickable icon. If your app doesn’t open, there is a known glitch that may require you to change your device’s date to August 1st, 2014.

How It Works

MovieBox iPhone App works by allowing you to stream your favorite videos, music videos and much more all in HD high quality. Simply choose from the available choices that are display on the side and click to start watching. You can also simply use the search bar and make a search by title, actor name or release date. This will display all available options for you.

How to Watch Movies and TV on It While Using A VPN (that Allows Unthrottled P2P Traffic)

MovieBox iPhone App is possible to watch while your connection is wrapped under a VPN (Virtual Private Network) by using services that make your navigation be masked. Simply install the application and start it. You will then be able to start your app normally and it will function properly.

This app is incredibly easy to use, its interface is intuitive and browsing is very fast and reliable. There are constantly updates to the app, so there may be times that once you start it on your device, that it will request you to update it. Simply click to update it and it will be done automatically. Also, there will be constant updates of new videos, music videos and other interesting things for you to watch. These are among the many awesome things that make using MovieBox iPhone App an awesome user experience.

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