From Scraps To Crumbs: A Short Humor Writer’s First Look At Medium’s New Payment Structure

I mean I write short humor stories. I don’t think I’m being penalized for my height.

Mike Range
Nov 18, 2019 · 2 min read

This is hardly an exhaustive study (or even mildly tiring), but feel free to enjoy this data point, comparing the (modest to pity-inducing) results of two stories — my last one in the hazy, bygone days of clap counting, and my first in this bold new era of read time (spoiler alert: there’s a reason I called this Scraps to Crumbs).

My last story during the clap era…

Story Length — 2 minutes

Views — 142

Reads — 77

Total Read Time — 71 minutes

Average Read Time — 45 seconds

Claps — 850

Earnings — $13.39

My first story during the reading time era…

Story Length — 2 minutes

Views — 197

Reads — 105

Total Read Time — 106 minutes

Average Read Time — 58 seconds

Claps — 900

Earnings — $3.92

Are the earnings in both cases trivial? Sure. Thanks for noticing. But…

40% more views, 40% more total read time, 29% higher average read time… equals… 70% LESS earnings?


Mike Range

Written by

Just laugh. With me or at me. Contributor to Slackjaw, The Junction, How Pants Work, The Hit Job, The Haven, Pickle Fork. And Twitter! @MovieLeagueMike

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