X-Men Series Wolverine -3 (Logan) coming soon featuring Hugh Jackman

The Wolverine returns in Logan that is set to turn things around a little bit from the usually known X-Men movies. In this movie Logan, it is seen that he is a retired man and perhaps in a hide out from the public. In an area thought to be on the Mexican border, he is all worn out and tired and has to take care of the old professor X. In the same movie, we get to see a girl who is extraordinary and Logan comes to her rescue building as a team. You can watch Logan online movie on moviesputlocker.me.


Whatever that unravels was never expected by Logan or any other person but it actually and automatically happens to build more fire and tense within the movie. With the failure of his motive to hide away from the public, a new action is started against all forces and we have no idea where it all ends since a young mutant influenced by dark forces is now in place.

It is an action and adventure movie which is also a sequel to the X-Men films. It is highly looked out for and has more positive responses from the public. It is expected to be a master break out.