Offering a great digital experience doesn’t come without its challenges. In this article I’ll be talking about struggles you will likely face as a UX designer. These are the risks of features overload, the need of a design system and designing for accessibility.


Checking your balance anywhere anytime, making a transfer in a trice, keeping track of your investments, booking hockey tickets, paying your gas,… those are only a few examples of what you can do nowadays in a banking app.

There are in digital banking. …

Morning Stand-up Meeting

First day at work. Managed to make it to the office by bicycle in Brussels and not get killed/drenched/look like I just got electrocuted. Hurray! First victory.
The first awkward minutes were soon enough wiped away by a lovely ice-break-fast with the team and all of us three starters were gathered in a meeting room, ready to receive the information-tsunami of a first day at work.
False alarm! No tsunami in sight but rather a constant flow of waves of excitement as I got to know the company better through its main actors. Cédric gave us a recap of the content of…

Louis Cornet, the founder of Movify, started his career at Axen, an IT consulting company, where he started to work as a Java Developer for various clients. At the time, he already couldn’t resist giving a hand to his management developing new business, which led him to be promoted as a Business Unit Manager. After 6 years at Axen, the idea of creating his own company emerged, but he wanted to grow his skills further.
At that time, he already knew he would create a very human company as that’s what he particularly liked during his journey at Axen. After…

Today is our one month anniversary @Movify. Emilie and I started off as fresh graduates and now, looking back at all the stuff we’ve learned and accomplished, you would think we’ve been here much longer. Lucky for us, there was a tight schedule to adhere to. A welcome brunch, a bit of training, a bit of project work and a full immersion into the role of UX consultants. But let’s start by the introduction week.

Introduction week

Welcome breakfast

What a promising start that was. Our first Monday meeting wasn’t at the Movify office. Instead we were told to come to a local bakery…

Nowadays, many designers are designing for mobile @2x for iOS screens and @3x or even @4x for Android screens (=xxhdpi).
If you don’t remember the meaning of these concepts, read this short reminder about resolutions and display specifications used for both iOS and Android devices.


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