9 Reasons Why You Need to Be at Cosecha’s National Assembly

Right now, everyone in the immigrant community is in a collective freakout. What’s going to happen under a Trump Presidency?

The one thing we do know is this:

Right now, our community needs to come together to lead the #MigrantResistance to force this country to feel our collective power, resiliency, and spirit.

Movimiento Cosecha is hosting a National Assembly on February 10–12th in Boston. If you want to be part of the #MigrantResistance, this is the place to be.

Here’s why:

  1. If you want to be part of a national immigrant rights movement under Trump, this is the place to be.

Cosecha is building a mass movement for permanent protection, dignity, and respect for all immigrants in the U.S. The National Assembly will be the place where you can develop your civil resistance skills and shape what the Year of Migrant Resistance will look like in 2017.

2. You can’t build a movement without community.

Cosecha believes that we are all a family. In the age of Trump, we need each other to remain resilient in the face of oppression. We can’t fight alone.The National Assembly is a space to create deep relationships with people who will be on the front lines of the struggle with you as we fight for our community.

3. You’ll get to meet people who have been organizing and participating civil disobedience and actions.

Last year, 8 Cosecheras were arrested in NYC for chaining themselves to Trump Tower to declare that the tower was #BuiltByUs and this country depends on us. Cosecheras in Minnesota built a wall around the Republican Headquarters to wall off the hate. In Boston, Cosecha led a #SalsaShutdown in Downtown Crossing, a hub of stores in Boston, to draw attention and gather support for our #MigrantBoycott. These are only a few of the many actions planned and executed by Cosecha — learn from folks who’ve organized these and get the support to organize and participate in your own!

4. It will be so lit!

This one is self-explanatory. We have actions, dancing, art exhibits, and other fun activities planned out to make sure that this isn’t just a work weekend, it’s a fun weekend! We’re going out dancing.

5. It’ll cost you close to nothing to visit Boston!

We’re providing food and housing, so you just have to get yourself there!We have scholarships to support your transportation needs, but make sure you register soon! They’re limited.

6. You get to be in a space that values the immigrant experience.

We know the wisdom of our movement comes from the voices that are often the most silenced. This is the space where you can be undocumented, unafraid, and reclaim your immigrant culture with folks who resonate with your struggle.

7. We’re going to paaaartaaaay!

8. Authentic mexican food!!!

9. Immigrants, we get the job done.

We’re doing it. We’re leading this resistance because our people get shit done. If we can make a Quinceañera happen, we can get a general strike to happen.

Register NOW: lahuelga.com/assembly