Creating a social movement

A friend of Moving Brands, Frith Hookway, was on a mission. Like many of us in the studio, she knew her Peach from her Periscope, she knew how to make content snackable and she knew how to work a hashtag to amass the most likes. But she had also realised that the digital world she had come to understand was becoming a dangerous place for younger people, for those that had never known a world free from smart phones.

The negative effect of social media on young people’s mental health is well documented, and Frith’s observations weren’t new. But unlike most of us, Frith felt compelled to do something about it. And thus #NoFilterFeb was born.

#NoFilterFeb is a social campaign that — like the name suggests — asks social media users to ditch their filters for the month of February. By sharing a more realistic version of our experiences across social media, it might prompt a realisation that our lives don’t need to be so heavily curated and filtered.

Frith welcomed Moving Brands into the process early, to bring shape to her idea through questioning and creation. The outcome of an intensive three day design sprint is a movement that has a recognisable and coherent digital-first brand.

The symbol represents ‘nil’ or ‘nothing’ and exists beyond the logo form — it becomes an action, a gesture to signal your involvement and an ownable way to bring greater attention to the movement.

#NoFilterFeb doesn’t begin and end with Instagram. We hope it prompts people to think about the impact of their perfectly curated digital life, on those more impressionable and less comfortable in their real selves. There’s power in sharing, and living, a life unfiltered.

Find out more on the No Filter Feb site, and of course you can (and should!) get involved using #NoFilterFeb on social media.

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