Design & Digital to increase value of customer journey

All brands are thinking about the best way to increase their turnover, and their margin. We can consider so many tools and services that can help to reach this goal, but consider the mix between Design & Digital.

When you create a concept store, the first move is to call a retail design / architect company, specialized in create the most beautiful store, with the cheapest price per square meter.
Once you’ve got your creation done, maybe you’re thinking of adding some digital elements (because it’s a must have, but you don’t really know why), and then you’re contacting a digital signage specialist, and also you communication agency to imagine what kind of content you can display on these screens.

Now, try to erase this minded scheme. From the beginning point, try to imagine customer journey into customer experience, linking the design & the digital.
We are all convinced that digital is part of our life, but we don’t know how to apply it within the retail industry.

If you invite around your table design & digital experts, you will see how their creativity will enhance the efficient of customer experience. Thinking in this way will put you on an out of the box position, considering the customer journey from all its points of touch : website, mobile app, digital out of home, look & feel of the store, digital in-store.

Finally, the result should deliver a seamless experience, whatever your customers come from, and always focused on what you can best propose to them, with a great feeling. And maybe it will be also the way to engage your customer more deeply with your brand, and listen to your customers.

Some retailers has began to think like that, from the top management to visual merchandiser, marketing & sales manager, digital & CRM manager, financial services.. and they have reached to more understand the way of thinking of their customers and how to increase sales, loyalty & brand awareness.
Let’s have a look to Burberry, or TimeVallee (a new luxury multi-brands watches concept in China), and of course Apple Stores ; they all have created a beautiful design, efficient and usefull digital experience, with high level staff engagement to their customers.