What are we really after?
Jonas Ellison

I am beginning to have a problem with this mindset. I understand that goals are a way to guide you through life. But I feel that our culture is obsessed with achieving something. This goal oriented mindset infiltrates into everything we do… like as if, if we haven’t achieved all these things, our life is meaningless?

What are we really after? The question should be, why are we always after something? To me, it seems that no matter what you are or what you achieve, there is no guarantee that it will give you any substantial happiness or meaning. Chances are it won’t, and you already know this judging from the message of this article. So why are we still expecting our fulfillment to come from an outcome? It won’t, not unless you learn to fully accept and enjoy the present. Not unless you live for the moment. When you learn to fully embrace life just the way it is right now, your attachment to an outcome will decrease. You will still follow your dreams, but the measure of your life will be based on the quality of your living on a day to day basis, regardless of who you are or what you have achieved.

I am finally understanding what living for the moment means. It doesn’t mean that you should be happy with everything in your life right now. There are so many things that are missing in my life right now. It isn’t perfect. But just because I’m not happy with my life doesn’t mean I don’t value it. I still love my life and I still live for all the good things that are there with me right now. This life, this moment, with these people around me with all their imperfections… ironically, are perfect. I wouldn’t want any of it to change. It is perfect just as it is.

And I’m still working on my goals BTW.