My Medium feed is getting increasingly boring and predictable.

I remember a time when the stories on my Medium feed were actually interesting, with each story being unique and different from the other. There were stories of love, pain, anxiety, humor, loss, growing up and productivity among other things. Of course, I did follow all of those tags, but the point of following them was to read the corresponding stories in the first place.

Every day, I would wake up in the morning and look forward to reading my Medium feed while eating breakfast. It was a nice little ritual that I had created for myself, and I loved it. I adored Medium. It was a place I could come to feel human. It felt like I was part of a cult. I even wrote an article about how I loved Medium and that I didn’t want most people to know about it.

Unfortunately, what I feared would happen has already happened. My Medium feed now consists of stories of productivity and success, with little or no difference between each story. Top stories on Medium are usually the same week after week. It has become an unenthusiastic newspaper which relies on sensational stories based on a formula that taps into the cheaply available aspects of human attention and insecurity. What you will find is ‘top 10 ways to increase your productivity’ or the ‘no 1 secret to eternal happiness’ or ‘how this article will make you believe that you will get the success you want but will also blow your self-esteem, distort your reality and eventually make you come back for more.’

What fascinates me is that it gives me an insight into the fact that our culture is obsessed with success and productivity. Clearly, no one (yet) feels like a success or is ‘maximizing their productivity’ because the same kind of articles are still being liked by the same kind of people. None of the other articles that realistically and tenderly talk about the human condition make it to the top, or even show up on my Medium feed.

Maybe I should unfollow anything related to success, productivity, or happiness. Either way, it is sad that none of the other stuff comes up.

Medium, please do something.

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