Things to do when you’re moving Out Of a Rental Property

Looking for a house to live in is stressful enough. But have you tried m

oving out of one that you’ve been calling home for a long time now? It could be equally maddening if not more. Here are a couple of things you can do to make sure you have a smooth transition from leaving behind the house you once called home to the house you would be calling home.

Make a list: What list you ask? Well, a list of all things you absolutely cannot miss. Make lists of the furniture, kitchen equipment, furnishings that you will be taking with you and home décor. You can go as wide and far as you want to with this list. The purpose of this list is that when the Removals Blackburn time comes, someone like Moving Home professional removals services will be able to better help you. You can match their list to yours for a double check.

Cleaning & Clearing: This is by far the most important thing and might have to be repeated a couple of times during the course of your moving. Once you get your list ready, get set to clean up. Again, this not only makes the process of moving out easy but also helps your Landlord who by this time will be showing the house to other tenants.

Check for repairs: The mark of a good tenant is to be faithful until the end. This also works in your favour especially when you are waiting for the return of that huge deposit you gave before taking the house. Look for any repairs that might be needed, big or small and inform your landlord about the same. Wait for their response and do the needful repairs if required. Make sure you get this sorted before you begin with the Removals Blackburn since professional packers like Moving Home will not take much time getting all your stuff out of the way.

Documentation: This is crucial and needs a considerable amount of your attention. You do not want to be unprepared for any dice your landlord might try and play you with at this time of your transition. So make sure you have all your documents sorted beforehand. Be well prepared and read and re-read anything that requires your signatures.

The Key to everything: As petty as this advice may sound, it is only when you begin with your Removals Blackburn will you realize the power of the keys. Imagine being nicely packed and wrapped with the help of Moving Home professional removals services and are then screamed at by your landlord for the missing keys. Not cool right? You don’t want to give the landlord that last chance to scream at you. So be smart and gather all your keys (by all I mean ALL) before you leave the house. In fact, do it before your landlord gets the painters to start working on the house. This saves you a lot of trouble.

Originally published at on May-10–2017