How to use a Takoyaki pan : The great street snack that’s fun to make at home

Takoyaki is a very popular street snack originating from Osaka. Its crunchy outer shell and gooey inner octopus part make it a must­try food when you visit Japan. And for those who crave that crispy but gooey takoyaki, we’d like to introduce this takoyaki pan. With this, you can make takoyaki at home. 大阪発祥のたこ焼きは、日本中で幅広い世代から愛されています。 外はカリカリ中はトロトロのたこ焼きは、日本に来たら絶対に食べるべきメニューです。 今回はたこ焼きを作るための『たこ焼き器』を紹介していきたいと思います。 使い方をマスターすれば、皆さんのお家でも美味しいたこ焼きを作れます!


Takoyaki Pan

Step 1

Heat and oil the pan. Make sure to use enough oil so the takoyaki shell can be fried and get crispy.


Step 2

Pour the batter and fill the moulds.
 Make the batter slightly overflow.


Step 3

Put 1~3 pieces of octopus into each mould. Sprinkle chopped green onion.


Step 4

After about 3 minutes, use picks to turn each takoyaki a 180 degrees, to let the batter create the other side of the takoyaki ball.


Step 5

For about 4 minutes, keep turning the takoyaki until they are nicely ball­shaped and evenly browned.
 Now transfer the takoyaki to a plate.


Step 6

Pour takoyaki sauce and mayo, then sprinkle dried seaweed and dried bonito shavings.


Perfect! But you need to be careful because it’s extremely hot and you might burn your mouth.


The takoyaki pan is perfect for cooking for lots of people.
 Just imagine how fun it would be to make takoyaki with friends. It will make the parties even more fun.


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