How Many Moving Boxes Do I Need for a 1 Bedroom Apartment?

The Moving Kit
Aug 12 · 1 min read

We did the math.

For a 1 Bedroom Apartment, you’ll need:

  • 18–30 Medium Boxes (~3 cubic feet).

One medium box can fit 6 handbags or 12 pairs of shoes

  • 10–15 Large Boxes (~4.5 cubic feet).

One large box can fit 4 blankets or 4 duffel bags

  • 6 pounds of paper (from newspapers, magazines, etc.)
  • 2 tape rolls
  • 1–2 markers
  • 1 box cutter

Use our handy tool to find places that sell moving boxes nearby or read our moving hacks to find places where you can find free moving boxes.

The Moving Kit

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