Top Ways to Get Free Moving Boxes

Here’s a quick checklist of places to get free moving boxes.

1. Your Friends and Family, or Anyone Who Just Moved

2. Your Office Mailroom. They handle a ton of deliveries every day

3. Craigslist. Go to Craigslist >> Your City (e.g. Los Angeles) >> Click “Free” under the “For Sale” category and search “moving boxes”.

4. Your University Mailroom. They have tons of boxes that contain textbooks and other school supplies. Many universities have designated spaces to drop off leftover boxes, so it might be worth contacting your school to figure out how to get them.

If the above options didn’t work, you can try these other methods of getting free moving boxes. Keep in mind, however, these options will require more effort and may be less effective:

5. Grocery & Retail Stores. If you’re moving, you’ll likely be at these stores anyways. It’s worth asking a worker or a store manager to look at their storage or recycling room for any extra moving boxes.

6. Recycling Centers. Most recycling centers require users to break down their cardboard boxes. By calling them in advance, you may be able to secure some boxes before they are officially recycled.

You can find recycling centers near you here.

7. Apartment Complexes. Take a look through the package center or recycling room in your current apartment complex, or ask the property manager to direct you to these locations.

8. Local Schools. Schools might have leftover boxes from classroom supplies and textbooks.

If you’re interested in getting cheap moving boxes instead, check out our moving box store locator (and box price comparison tool) here.

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