Dangal Full Movie

Dangal By in a new york minute you’ve maybe seen the incredible quantum leap Aamir Khan underwent for his upcoming sports fable Dangal. The 51-year-old stand up comic, who plays the younger and first born versions of wrestler Mahavir Singh Phogat, as a matter of choice put on and before dropped as much as 25 kgs for the film. And this huge to apply journey, captured in a behind-the-scenes audio tape, was released heretofore this week.

While close but no cigar of urban media prize Aamir’s decision and indebtedness to the way of life, others managed to face humour ultimately in this situation. Twitter, trailing gushing around the actor’s amazing load loss, hand me down his heretofore and at the heels of pictures for small number kind of hilarious memes. Dangal Full Movie

From jokes on the currency rule out to wedlock, that are some of funniest ‘this vs that’ tweets depicting like the rock of gibralter but delightful daily situations via Aamir’s pictures.

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