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Hey bingers and movie lovers,

Here is a little story about MOVIST and SERIST. The story about how they both almost died. And how they will both live. Differently. But live anyway.

The Big Bang happened end of May, LINITIX, the company behind MOVIST and SERIST, had to close down for bankruptcy.

Back in 2014, we developed MOVIST and we’ve been maintaining it mainly on our free-time ever since. In 2016, we dedicated a team for the development of SERIST with the help of a Belgian investor. For about a year, almost half of our team worked on the design…

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This version comes with full support for iOS 10 and the iPad Pro. Some performance improvements and tiny bug fixes have also been applied.

‘Nuff said!

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Improvements, improvements, improvements. No BIG feature for this release but a lot of small additions, more stability and less glitches.

Peek and Pop

We added Peek and Pop support for Lists and Actors.

The actor view has also been a bit re-arranged to give the information that matter first.

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Today we are announcing the upcoming release of MOVIST’s little brother, SERIST. While MOVIST is all about Movie Lists management, SERIST will be all about tracking TV Shows.

We aim to provide the best TV Show Personal Assistant to our future users.

The first version of SERIST will be available in March on both iOS and Android. In this first version, only phones will be supported. Tablet support will come in a future update. The app will be sold at $1.99 (1,99€) with a discount for MOVIST users. We’ll also launch a beta testing program mid-february. …

This is a great time in year to do a review of what we have accomplished. A quick look at the history of MOVIST so far, how the project was born, its growth and where it stands now. We’ll also give you a glimpse at the future of MOVIST without revealing too much. You know we love to maintain a bit of secrecy around our next releases.

For those of you who prefer to have a graphical view, we built a timeline which is available at the end of the article.


First, let me introduce the context in which MOVIST…

This should be the last release of 2015. It has been a great year for MOVIST with lots of new features, speed and stability improvements.

This release fixes some bugs related to:
- the movie info update process
- grouping and sorting that sometimes made movies disappear even if they were in local database
- loss of wishlist content when switching trakt accounts. This won’t happen again.

We also improved the fast switching between modules. Just swipe the title of the current module to switch to another module. You can now swipe right and left to navigate to the previous or next module.

See you in 2016 for another year of great movies and tons great new features for MOVIST.



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With MOVIST 1.11.2 we are introducing a new featured list. Quentin Tarantino Collection references the 8 films by Quentin Tarantino. The Hateful Eight, set to release this end of year, being the 8th film by Quentin Tarantino.

We also added four auto-updating lists: Top Box Office, Top Rentals, Upcoming Releases and New Releases. These are pulled from Rotten Tomatoes.

We are still improving MOVIST. Impossible you say?

We fixed a lot of little teeny tiny bugs. For instance, the movies are now updated correctly if their meta-data changes and the images are now loading faster even from an app launch to the other thanks to a better cache management.

We updated some UI elements and improved the Discover module to be simpler. You can now shake to shuffle the movies if you don’t want to make a decision about the displayed movie. We think it will be clearer to users now. …

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Two weeks ago we introduced a new version of MOVIST (1.11) with a brand new Browse module. For this feature, we chose about 30 lists of movie. You now have the choice to browse by genre, by release, by popularity or by theme.

But we thought anybody should be able to browse our lists to find a movie they like. That’s why we also worked on a “web app” for that purpose: get.movistapp.com

Universal links and handoff

This web app also gives us the ability to have a better sharing feature. Since iOS 9, if you share a link from MOVIST, another user can…


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