MOVIST 1.11 on the iPad


• A brand new Browsing experience
In this new version, we introduce a new way to find movies. You already had the chance to search, discover or scan. Now you can browse. Browse an awesome selection of handpicked movie lists. Those lists are grouped by theme or by genre and those will be updated regularly.

• A new way to navigate
Tired of going to the menu to switch between the Library, the Discover and the brand new Browse module? Pan from the edge of the right side of your screen. You’ll find the fastest way to go from one module to the other.

• A slightly redesigned menu
The menu has changed a bit to make room for the new Browse entry. It aims to be clearer and more functional than ever with a way to perform quick actions on your current checkin.

• And lots of bug fixes and performance optimisations
You should read this a lot if you take the time to read some change logs but really we did. We improved the overall reliability of MOVIST by improving the way movies are added to your lists, by improving image download and caching and by reducing network data usage where possible.

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If you find a bug or have a suggestion, don’t hesitate to contact us.

MOVIST 1.11 on the iPhone
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