MOVIST and SERIST, the comeback

Jul 3, 2017 · 3 min read

Hey bingers and movie lovers,

Here is a little story about MOVIST and SERIST. The story about how they both almost died. And how they will both live. Differently. But live anyway.

The Big Bang happened end of May, LINITIX, the company behind MOVIST and SERIST, had to close down for bankruptcy.

Back in 2014, we developed MOVIST and we’ve been maintaining it mainly on our free-time ever since. In 2016, we dedicated a team for the development of SERIST with the help of a Belgian investor. For about a year, almost half of our team worked on the design, the backend, iOS and Android development of SERIST. That’s about 4 full-time people.

SERIST and MOVIST are great apps in which we poured a lot of time and money. We’re really proud of the apps we built but the revenue they generated was too small.

Our business model is pretty simple. We market premium apps. No ads, no subscriptions, no paid updates. Our main and only revenue stream is the money coming from our app sales. On the other side of the balance, there are some fixed costs. For instance, we have to maintain some servers and services up and running for the emails, support, lists, browse, push notifications, scan,…

For transparency, here are some numbers. On one hand, every month, we need to pay around $500 ($512 last month) for our servers and services. On the other hand, our monthly sales income is around $1,500. You can see that it is basically impossible to keep a team of 3.5 full-time with less than $1000 monthly gross revenue.

One year of MOVIST and SERIST proceeds offical numbers

Since we weren’t ready to let SERIST and MOVIST go like that, we had to purchase them back from the company. Now we’re in the process of transferring everything we can without too many downtimes. Some services are already unavailable and we’re sorry about that. We are doing our best to get them back on track asap.

What’s next? We need to stabilise everything and pay some bills. Then we are going to think about some ways to cut some costs down and some ways to create more revenue. All of this without changing the essence of our work so far. This will be done on our team’s free time. This means we are not going to release at the same pace we did before.

It also means some of our plans are going down. We planned a lot of new features for SERIST on iOS and Android that may or may not come along depending on the amount of free time we have. We also planned a version 2.0 of MOVIST and the first version of MOVIST on Android. This will not be possible in the current configuration. We had other big plans like new apps and services. We’re keeping them for ourselves for the moment 🙊.

But hey, as this African proverb says: “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”. The team behind SERIST and MOVIST is still strong and committed. Committed to building the greatest tools to keep track of movies and tv shows.

Keep watching tv, keep going to the movies, keep using our apps (or trakt) to keep track of everything. We’ll do the best we can to continue pushing SERIST and MOVIST the best we can.

Happy watching, happy listing, happy tracking.

The Team — Kevin, Damien, Ismael, Mohamed, Christophe and Sofyan


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