It is an extension of pragmatism
Pragmatic design: how does design thinking fit into the real word?
Davey van der Woert

Interesting view, thanks!

One could certainly see elements of pragmatism in current design practice, but it’s more fruitful to consider it a mode of inquiry.

Here’s a text that elaborates on this: (PDF).

You might also be interested in Nelson and Stoltermann’s book The Design Way, which explors this third way in greater detail.

While IDEO has done a great job promoting design thinking, it’s a term that goes back to 1965 in a text by Bruce Archer, and was formulated more explicitly by Nigel Cross.

Last, but not least, there are tons of ways to design. Here’s a big PDF thatyou might enjoy browsing through, from Dubberly Design Office.

Best of luck with your MA!

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