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Look BLM used to be a great cause and used to be done the right way: creating awareness of a problem, peaceful protests, and starting a much overdue conversation in our nation. What it has devolved into is doing more harm than good. Ignoring any reasonable discussion of issues with fixing the problem, misrepresenting data(as far as I can tell the problem is actually the rate at which blacks are being stopped by cops, and not the rate at which they are being killed), and just shouting racist at any opposing viewpoint are not what fixes problems. It is the kind of lunacy that is dividing the country and driving 30–40% of the people to believe that they were backed into a corner that only Trump can dig us out of.

Get back to the roots; raise awareness, actually engage in discussions(there are hurdles to be crossed, no magic switch to flip), and stop misrepresenting data(I know that discussing the rate of pull-overs isn’t as sexy, but if we focus on the actual problems that might help).

A few articles on how to handle a pullover or how to handle a protest(burning down a predominantly black city in Milwaukee doesn’t scream BLM) would be nice. It won’t get you as many clicks or advance your career, but it might actually help solve the problem