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Welcome all Mowse Friends to the MowsePack!

2021 was an exciting year for all of DeFi and NFT projects throughout the blockchain space. The MowsePack Team is pushing through to the new year strong with it’s largest update yet. We are excited to announce: MowseWear 🐭 👕

When: Q1 2022


Network: Fantom Opera

MowseWear is a revolutionary update to NFTs and Social Avatars. Every MowseWear asset is an ERC-721 NFT that is owned by an individual MowsePack NFT and stored fully on-chain. Mowse will be able to be customized through these new clothing assets. We believe we are the first to combine all of these novel concepts to build a strong foundation for Mowse to be adapted to the metaverse. MowseWear wouldn’t be possible without leveraging the technology of the Fantom Blockchain. We chose to develop on Fantom due to the near-instant time-to-finality (~1 second), scalability, and most importantly, low gas fees. For more information on Fantom, check

The original MowsePack NFT contract allowed owners to change the way TokenURI is generated. Currently, the metadata is stored on IPFS, but with this new proprietary contract, the metadata and image data are stored on-chain and change as you change what your Mowse wears. Furthermore, since MowseWear assets are owned by individual Mowse, transferring the Mowse also transfers along any MowseWear NFTs.

To put it simply:

  • Traits are the asset categories (E.g. Shirt, Eye Wear, Head Wear)
  • Trait values are the individual assets in a Trait(E.g. Gray T Shirt, Red Hoodie, Tank Top)

Is there any rarity for MowseWear assets and how do I acquire them?

Each MowseWear Trait is different and unique. Each trait can have a different Max Supply and some may appear less frequently than others. You can only wear one trait value per trait. You can’t wear multiple hats!

MowsePack owners can acquire additional MowseWear assets through various methods: (These are subject to change)

  • Staking MowsePack NFTs on the platform for a certain amount of time to generate a “Staking Token” (Mowse Gold). Users can spend these tokens to get a verifiably random trait or trait value asset using VDF (Verifiable Delay Function).
  • Purchase MowseWear NFTs directly from the Fashion Nest. The Fashion Nest will feature a rotating catalog of MowseWear NFTs. Users will be able to view what they are purchasing and the catalog changes every week.
  • Airdrop staking tokens and assets as rewards for community events and community engagement. We have a dedicated text channel in the MowsePack discord for Fashion-Suggestions. If you’d like to suggest or draw up some assets, you might be airdropped the first mint of those assets.

Each trait can have up to 65535 (Max uint16) different traits!

I can change my MowsePack clothes. So what? What’s next?

Besides adding value to original MowsePack through owned-assets, we are setting the foundation for MowseGame, a role-playing game where your Mowse fights to be the next Superstar. Each of the 10,000 MowsePack NFTs are categorized as Generation 0. Mowse will still be able to be minted after 10,000 but will be of a different generation. In MowseGame, each Mowse can work at different jobs to earn experience and other resources used to purchase additional MowseWear assets. We will introduce traditional RPG stats (Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Wisdom, Intelligence, Charisma, Luck), as well as, several natural talents your Mowse is born with that influence workplace efficiency and rewards. After the release of the MowseWear contract, we will continue working on integrating the Fashion Nest into the site. After that we will focus on <wredacted>

Note: MowsePack (Generation 0) NFTs are all minted fully clothed, up to 12 MowseWear assets! Any Mowse minted after ID 10,000 will only be born with a body-type, ear-type, eye-type, and skin-color influenced by their parents.

So what happens to the original MowsePack NFTs and owners?

The original MowsePack contract is staying the same. We had planned for this contract to be able to change tokenURI from the start. The Mowse Contract is a complementary contract that builds on top of the existing contract to update the original MowsePack TokenURI and image.

It’s been a long journey to get here and we wouldn’t be here without everyone who has helped along the way. As with other Mowse-related projects, we value our community greatly and would like to reward all currently minted MowsePack owners with several trait mint tokens that can be redeemed for a random MowseWear NFT in a certain trait.

Those that participated in our annual Advent Mowse event will also receive trait mint tokens if they own any MowsePack NFTs. As stated previously in the Discord, Advent Mowse was intended to be an experiment with Proof-Of-History NFTs. Each day of the Advent Mowse has a piece of a cipher, the clue to solving it will be revealed at a later date. They hold no value, however, you are free to sell or transfer them as you wish. There could be value in having the entire calendar. 🐭 The collection can be found here:

I’d like to personally thank everyone who has engaged with the community and shared anything Mowse-themed. Let’s continue to grow the MowsePack in 2022 and beyond!

Where can I get MowsePack NFTs?

You can mint MowsePack NFTs from our website: for 100 FTM each. There is a total supply of 10,000 MowsePack NFTs. Alternatively, you can purchase on any secondary market:



Want to collaborate with MowsePack?

If you’re a project that is interested in using Mowse features or characters in your project, contact us on Twitter or Discord

Twitter: or




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