Never be paralyzed by a blank screen again

Fear of failing, fear of falling

I think my interest in window washers really took off the day I glanced up from my downtown Chicago desk and there was a man on the other side of the window a foot away from me…and about 10 stories above street level.

Yes, I totally took a photo of this man doing his job.

Thighs, sighs, and The Brand Never Lies

Last Saturday was The Great Pants Purge of 2019 — the day I’d vowed to rid my closet of all those pesky clothes that I’m not wearing.

It ain’t frivolous folks, it’s vital

I have 10,000 pins in my Pinterest account.

Deb Beroset

Creator of Moxie’s Soul Care programs and Founder of Moxie Creative & Consulting. Follow me for essays about soul care and living a big, bold beautiful life.

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