The Uncrowned Queen — Prologue

In an unknown bar, somewhere in the lesser traveled part of Quaylar VII, a bartender with lilac hair and maroon eyes polished a glass. Only one customer sat at the bar, nursing a draft of Ginklian ale. A chime signaled a new arrival. No one came to the Forbidden Oasis at this time of day except Schleck who was already at the bar. The bartender looked over to see a figure in a purple cloak and a golden laughing mask standing in the doorway. The desert landscape vast and abandoned behind her. He stopped polishing his glass and placed one hand on his pistol, sweat dripped from his brow.

“Sorry Schleck,” the bartender said, his eyes fixed on the figure in the doorway. “I’m going to have to ask you to leave. The bars closed.”

“What are you talking about? The Forbidden Oasis is never closed.” Schleck asserted.

The bartender pulled his phase pistol from its holster and reiterated his previous statement. “Don’t make me ask a third time.” The bartender cautioned.

Schleck threw up his hands, passing the hooded figure as he walked toward the door but he paid her no mind as if he didn’t even see her and the second chime of the bell confirmed that the bartender and the hooded figured were now alone. The bartender watched her carefully as she made her way over to the bar, his finger on the trigger of his pistol.

“Relz Bonik.” She said slowly as if trying to recall a memory. The hooded figure pushed the gun out of her face and took a seat at the stool that had been recently vacated. “I’ve come to collect on that favor you owe me.”

The bartender, called Relz Bonik, heaved his broad shoulders, he had dreaded this day. “I am indebted to you Oracle. Whatever it is you ask of me, I am your servant, gods help me.”

She began with a story, a story about a war.

The seven planets of Quaylar have been at war with one another since the beginning of time, or at least as long as anyone in the Omega Cluster can recall. Each planet is independently ruled by a dynasty but each dynasty has the desire to rule over all the others. So, war rages on between the seven dynasties over who will be the next ruling dynasty over all of Quaylar. Kings and queens occasionally rise from the ashes as victors and reign for a season or two until they are assassinated and the cycle begins anew. Twenty some odd years ago, a seer prophesied that the next born daughter of Quaylar IV’s dynasty would be the one to rule over all seven planets but this time it would be different, as she would reign in an unprecedented era of peace and she would rule over them for a hundred years. When word of the prophecy got out, the other six dynasties united with a common goal: to destroy Quaylar IV’s ruling family. Every member of the ruling family was rounded up and systematically slaughtered. No mercy was shown to children, the old, or the infirmed. Once the other six dynasties were satisfied that the fourth dynasty was no more, they returned to war amongst themselves. However, there was one member of Quaylar IV’s dynasty that they overlooked.

Alixed fled to the planet of Sirius where he was granted asylum from the benevolent Queen Treasa. He made a home on Sirius and even fell in love with a beautiful Sirusian woman named Reesa and together they had two handsome sons: Malik and Denar. Their lives were blissful and they thought their joyful days would never end. Then they were blessed, or perhaps cursed, with a daughter called Lila and their happy lives were torn asunder. Alixed begged Queen Treasa to hide his daughter away, to take her to a place where no one would ever find her so that when she came of age, she could fulfill her noble destiny. The queen did as she was asked and she hid the baby away.

“Her powers are now beginning to rouse. It won’t be long before rival factions figure out she’s alive and well. I need you to take her in your charge. To raise her up in the way that she should be so that she can one day take her rightful place as queen.” The woman in the laughing mask concluded.

“I owe you my life, Oracle, and you’re asking me to babysit for you?” Relz asked.

“You underestimate the importance of this girl, Relz. Her fate decides the fate of the entire Omega Cluster. Something much bigger than the seven planets of Quaylar and their old feuds is coming and we need a united Quaylar if we intend to survive.”

Relz Bonik pondered this. The Oracle was not known for hyperbole. “Where can I find this girl?”

“In a place called Florida.”