MoxyOne Milestones: Demo, Partners, Services, Networks & Smart Contract Audit

As we approach our token sale date, the MoxyOne team would like to highlight some of its milestones so far

Dashboard Demo

Since our announcement in early December of 2017, the development team has been hard at work getting a demo ready before the launch of our token sale. We are proud to announce that the dashboard demo can now be accessed — via this link. You will need to be registered with us for the token sale in order to view this demo. The image below is a quick snapshot of this dashboard demo. If you would like more information on this development update, please check out this article on our blog.

Dashboard demo — Overview

New Technological Partner — WINGS.AI

Wings is a decentralised application for Blockchain-based evaluation, funding and early adopter engagement. The Wings community is evaluating our project and forecasting our token sale. By doing so, MoxyOne will be able to optimise, improve and refine any issues that may of concern during the token sale or thereafter. The diagram below shows the current valuation of MoxyOne by the Wings community.

Current WINGS valuation of MoxyOne

The Wings community currently forecasts our token sale to raise at least 19mil USD and there are still a few days of forecasting left. You can view the full valuation and forecast here. For more information on this technological partnership, visit this article on our blog.

Smart Contract Audit By Hosho Group

MoxyOne has recently completed an essential smart contract audit prior to its token sale. This was done to ensure that the participants in the token sale are protected from any flaws in the smart contract code. This audit was completed by Hosho — the global leader in smart contract audits and specialists in blockchain security. To view the report and other details visit this article on our blog.

Partnership with Social — A Decentralised Social Networking and Ad Platform

Since our announcement, we have also partnered with a very popular and successful company called Social. Social will be adopting the MoxyOne system to offer their users with a debit card functionality.

Illustrated Social white labelled debit card, powered by MoxyOne

The partnership will allow Social to release its debit card much earlier than they had envisioned. With a dedicated team handling the codebase and security of the system, the Social team will be able to focus on developing their platform rather than working on an in-house payment system. As stated by Social in their press release, the cost of using MoxyOne’s infrastructure turns out to be more affordable for them — because of our low fees.

Gladius & Raiden Network as Solutions

Raiden Network has recently been very successful with its ingenious solution to the issue of expensive and privacy invasive payment channels. MoxyOne will integrate Raiden Networks Micropayments Channel because of their brilliant off-scaling solution on the Ethereum blockchain for token transfers. This means cheap, scalable, privacy preserving and instantaneous payments for all users; MoxyOne token holders and white labelling partners.

We will be using Gladius so that both our CDN and DDoS protection are delivered via the blockchain. This will ensure that the MoxyOne infrastructure is secure and reliable.

Using Clearify to Protect Token Sale Participants

MoxyOne uses Clearify to prevent scams and phishing attempts. Simply copy our token sale contribution address from the dashboard and paste it on their website to verify that you are sending it to our verified address and not a potential scammer.

MoxyOne’s token presale parameters:

  • Public Pre-Sale Begins on the 8th of February, 2018 | 01:00 UTC
  • Ends on the 10th of March, 2018 | 01:00 UTC
  • Token Name: SPEND
  • Token Price: 1 ETH = 1000 SPEND
  • Minimum Transaction Amount: 1 ETH
  • Distribution: Smart Contract is used to generate and transfer tokens instantly upon receiving ETH

You can find more information on our website’s token sale page and the official MoxyOne whitepaper.