MoxyOne’s New Technological Partner — WINGS.AI — Crowd AI with Ethereum and IPFS


Wings is a decentralised application for Blockchain-based evaluation, funding and early adopter engagement. The Wings community is evaluating our project and forecasting our token sale.

The Wings Whitepaper explains:

WINGS is a decentralised platform enabling individuals and organisations to submit new proposals to the WINGS DAO community in order for the latter to discuss, review and forecast on the proposal’s success factors. Forecasting eliminates inappropriate projects and focuses potential future backers’ attention on proposals with the highest potential. More accurately, the process filters out unworthy submissions and highlights high potential proposals that can perform a successful backing and receive promotion assistance from the community. Both the proposal submitters and the community have the ability to earn rewards for the creation and forecasting of new proposals.
WINGS is the first project governance and backing social platform of its kind that utilises novel technologies such as: swarm intelligence through decentralised forecasting markets, smart contracts generators, DAO contracts accessibility and engagement solutions, flexible governance and participation models, deep learning and machine-based predictive modelling. In order to make the platform accessible, the primary interaction medium will be via chatbots integrated within popular instant messengers. WINGS enables users to submit new proposals, get notified about proposals submitted by others, inquire for additional information, forecast on a proposal’s success chances, discuss new updates from DAOs and participate in markets to reach key decisions.

Wings Valuation

Using its so-called “Swarm intelligence”, the Wings community is able to forecast price change as a result of certain events. The diagram below shows the current valuation of MoxyOne by the Wings community.

The Wings community currently forecasts our token sale to raise at least 19mil USD and there are still a few days of forecasting left.

Current WINGS valuation of MoxyOne

By being evaluated by the Wings community, MoxyOne will be able to optimise, improve and refine any issues that may of concern during the token sale or thereafter. You can view the full valuation and forecast here.

Please note that since the is a decentralised platform , it may take longer than usual to load.

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