MoxyOne’s KYC [Know Your Customer] Process Explained

As a necessity for compliance with local and international laws, MoxyOne is required to have on their system, a list of verified wallet addresses on its secure database. Having a KYC — Know Your Customer process also protects all contributors to the token sale from any fraudulent activity. This is because all that wish to participate have to first register to have their wallet address whitelisted prior to the token sale.

Our smart contract has many components and our Solidity Developers have spent hours trying to make it as seamless as possible. Additionally, to iron out any errors in code, our smart contract is being audited by Hosho. This is another security measure that the team has deemed necessary to make the token sale fool-proof, reliable and ready for the upcoming token sale on the 8th of February, 2018.

*Update: Our smart contract has been audited and the report is available here.

KYC Process for Participants

Stage 1

Every individual wishing to participate will need to register prior to the token sale to have their wallet address verified. Once you have registered via our website, you will need to enter your wallet information and the estimated amount that you wish to contribute. This is all we need to verify your wallet address for the first stage of the KYC process.

Stage 2

You will then be notified of your whitelist status via email. You can then access this information via your user dashboard by logging in here. You can view your whitelist status, wallet address and other information via this dashboard. You will also be able to access your custom referral link that will earn you bonus tokens when others register using your link.

Stage 3

Prior to the token sale, you will be informed of the next steps that you will be required to take prior to contributing. We will email every participant registered with us for the token sale with a detailed process to complete the KYC process and successfully participate in the token sale.

The KYC Dilemma

We know not everyone is content when it comes to KYC and many do not agree with it ideologically, especially when it comes to cryptocurrencies. However, for MoxyOne to be able to provide its services and be deemed a legitimate business with partners and a global presence, we need to be sure that the source of all funds raised is legitimate. No funds will be allowed from illicit sources, people under sanctions, or unverified organisations.

Why KYC?

KYC is very important because these compulsory checks protects the contributors as well as the future of the business so that we deliver what was promised. The bottom line is that the KYC process will not only protect the MoxyOne project, but will also protect you, the token buyer, from claims of illegitimacy.

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