MoxyOne’s New Partnership with eBitcoin

We are officially announcing our new white label and global awareness partnership with eBitcoin!

What is eBitcoin?

“eBitcoin is a community-driven crypto ecosystem where the best of Bitcoin and Ethereum meet.
eBitcoin’s vision is to build an ecosystem that consists of apps, entertainment ware, tools, gateways, and other technical revolutions.
Being an open source Community, eBitcoin has an extensive global team that works around the clock and are always engaging with other developers with the same vision to join their ever-expanding global team”.

eBitcoin and MoxyOne — Partnership Explained

White Label Partnership

eBitcoin is one of the first partners to join the likes of Social to offer their users with a payment system on the eBitcoin Ecosystem.

MoxyOne will provide the infrastructure to expedite their pre-existing wallet system to completion. As our roadmaps both align towards this goal, it was a perfect fit for both MoxyOne and eBitcoin to join hands for a partnership.

Global Awareness Partnership

Alongside our white label partnership, eBitcoin has been expanding its Ecosystem to include various Technical, Legal, and Structural departments. Owing to our unique business model and our white label service, we were found to be a great fit for the eBitcoin Ecosystem.

The Ecosystem itself will be the platform to adopt more cutting-edge technologies and to help projects get their ideas on the road. Their long-term goal is to have eBTC accepted across the globe and across a large variety of industries. This is where MoxyOne comes in, alongside other reputable companies, to increase Global Awareness and mass adoption of cryptocurrencies, including eBTC.

This vision of global awareness has also been one of the core values on which MoxyOne was built. A partnership with eBitcoin is a leap forward into making this vision into a reality.

MoxyOne’s team members will be featured on their “Global Team Members” page on the eBitcoin website as we will now be a part of the eBitcoin Ecosystem.

What Next?

As we join hands with eBitcoin, we hope to advance the cryptocurrency industry together into the future. By pooling our resources, we will be able to achieve this goal at a faster rate than was expected.

It is the beginning of a new wave in mass adoption of cryptocurrencies and MoxyOne hopes to be a part of this global movement. Our partnership with eBitcoin is our first promising step to achieving this milestone.