MoxyOne’s Wallet & Debit Card

MoxyOne is an easy to use financial infrastructure that can be white labelled by any company, ICO or project that issues cryptocurrency tokens. By using the company issued debit card, virtual card or wallet, token holders will be able to make use of their tokens for everyday purchases.

Furthermore, MoxyOne is not only offering the white labelling service for any company that issues cryptocurrencies, it will also release its own wallet and debit card for its [SPEND] token holders. MoxyOne’s wallet, virtual card and debit card will be easy to use, secure and instant. Intelligently secured by blockchain solutions such as the Raiden Network [Micro payments Channel]and Gladius [DDoS protection], the MoxyOne infrastructure is extremely reliable and trustworthy.

The wallet and debit cards for SPEND token holders will be available as early as the first quarter of 2018!


MoxyOne’s wallet system will allow for instant payments for purchases in most parts of the world. Users also have the option to make purchases with Android Pay or Apple Pay. The app will allow users to view their tokens, transactions and even statistics of their recent purchases. By using the “tap and pay” functionality, every user with a mobile can make quick payments, safely.

MoxyOne gives its token [SPEND] holders as well as all Partner’s token holders the opportunity to make use of issued debit cards to make everyday purchases. By using the wallet, users can choose the default token that they wish to make purchases with. This gives the user complete flexibility and accessibility to their cryptocurrencies.

A virtual debit card allows users to make secure e-commerce transactions online. This secures users from becoming a part of fraud and online theft and makes it easy for them to make purchases.

Pay with your Mobile

Card holders (MoxyOne card and/or branded card) will be able to pay directly with their compatible mobile phones using Apple Pay and Android Pay via the issued virtual cards.

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